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a summer list

Oh summer, would you please slow down? We have  places to explore, adventures to do, things to see and experience… in so little time.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the girls if they would write down the things or activities they want to do this summer, and as of yet, they are still working on said list.

The five-year-old needed help naturally, so she dictated, I wrote. Oh, reading hers puts a smile on my face every time. And I’d have to say, when we’re all done checking everything off her list, we could call it one fun whimsical summer. Wouldn’t you agree? Take a peek.

  1. go to the beach when it’s really hot.
  2. go to Duluth.
  3. eat spring rolls at the Thai restaurant by the farmers market.
  4. visit the children’s museum.
  5. eat ice cream outside.
  6. lemonade stand by the lake
  7. climb a fun tree.
  8. go to the waterpark.
  9. go to Highland Fest.
  10. ride a train.
  11. cross over a bridge.
  12. see a rainbow.
  13. sleepover at the ____.
  14. sleepover at papa and mom’s.
  15. go on a date with mommy at Glaciers Cafe.
  16. have a picnic.
  17. throw rocks on the water.

What’s on your summmer list?


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of a1iyah

Someone is turning thirteen. Ah. How time flies. What has this girl been up to?

Meet Juicy. The girl picked it, took it home, and said she’s never been so excited with a plant. Juicy has to wear purple. (Beside her is my plant, Succulent.) She read somewhere that aloe vera needs a lot of sunshine, so Juicy has been hopping around the house wherever the sun is. I don’t know how much of that travelling Juicy could handle. We’ll see.

Taking advantage of the sunshine, though it was crisp outside.

We dined at this Thai restaurant and the girl is still raving about the pad thai. She said it’s the best she’s ever had. I could agree.

and here is her favorite photo subject. I totally understand why. But then again, I’m biased.

Happy April, dear A1iyah… savoring every April day with you!

with love.

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ordered steps

We were at a customer’s house. Normally, I would have just stayed in the vehicle and waited, but this time Ron asked me to come in with him to meet this family. I got introduced, and as Ron went downstairs with the husband, I chatted with his wife, and played with their only child, a very amiable 7-year old boy. Within a few minutes, we were out the door, but not before we heard the news that they are expecting another child. “It’s about time,” I heard the wife say. “He is asking for a brother already.”

As we drove away, Ron started praying: for the family, for the wife, for the pregnancy. For that baby. That had to be the working of the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t help but wonder. If we didn’t go through what we just went through, if we didn’t experience grieving in that sense, would Ron find it so urgent and needful to pray for that family the way he just did? I don’t know if praying at that moment would have even crossed his mind.

I see, Lord. In bits and pieces, you’re helping me understand.

We can not see the whole scope of what God is doing from beginning to end. It is not for me to question, to dwell on what could have been. So we look forward, as His ways are better than our ways. His plans are better than our plans. It is where there is joy unspeakable. And so we trust.

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random ramblings

I used to call myself sporadic blogger. I am officially changing that to seasonal blogger. It’s taken a long while, but here I am again, fingers typing like I was never away at all. There is something soothing about this experience, and the more I spend time on Facebook, the more I realize how much I miss blogging. Here, I do not feel hemmed up. Here, I am not painting a picture of our day with a couple of broken sentences. Here are words, plenty of them.

I sit here in my quiet space while the kids do what they do well. The interesting thing about a mom “getting some rest” is that she actually is able to ignore the mess in the house for the time being, till she realizes that the housekeeping call is so great that she assembles herself back together again to return to what she does best. In my case, it’s keeping the mess contained.

We are very much looking forward to spring. For us it means more walks around the lake, more time spent outdoors, and celebrating life. I already have images of picnics and explorings with the kids in my head. Discovering new trails, finding more treasures by the river, maybe even a real beach. This summer would be a tad different than anticipated. We were planning for a homebirth and a baby in June. Not happening anymore. Yes, even the baby. We are moving on and instead, we look forward to making more memories this summer. Celebrating love. and family.

After two months of unemployment, and only a couple of weeks of job hunting, Ron is back to work. A smaller company, casual environment, awesome boss (who’s also a homeschool dad, yay!), closer to home. And he’s just across the street from Whole Foods. The thing is, there is no affordable health plan for the family, unless of course you consider two weeks worth of pay affordable as health insurance expense. But God has been faithful and we are certain He will remain to be so.

The call to simplify is still very strong. In fact, much stronger. We have given away a lot of our material possessions, but there are still much more in our lives that we can do without. So much liberty in this. Therefore, the journey continues.

Fragmented thoughts, true ramblings. Til next!

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It’ was still wet and cool outside. The aroma of peppermint filled the air inside. The table was set, with cookies and warm apple crisp, and I was just about to steep the tea when we heard a knock on the door. It was a neighbor friend, inquiring if the girls could play. Immediately, the younger two asked her if she want to join us for afternoon tea.

“Afternoon tea? Uh, sure.”

I gladly gave up my spot, but one of the girls started feeling bad for me, so I had to assure her that I’d be as happy reading at the other table, having much needed mommy time, while they have girl time. All I had to do was serve the hot tea, and they took care of the rest. Yes, even the clean up.

It was quite a delight watching them, and listening to their little conversations. They did pretty well, if I may say so myself. I couldn’t help but smile thinking that at this young age, they are already practicing the humble art of hospitality.

Tea, anyone?

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