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Lil Hitchhiker and I are just hanging out with the girls in their room. It is already bedtime, yet everyone is still wired, and I have nothing but the afternoon hike to blame. Sunshine with temperature reaching the lower 60s, it really was the day to get out there and enjoy the trails: crisp, but dry, quiet and invigorating.

First stop: coffee shop in St Paul. The girls thought mama just needed a java, so hot cocoa was a fun surprise. Plus, we got to enjoy our drinks outdoors at a beautiful spot by the river, near downtown (with Lil Hitchhiker strapped behind me, as that would be the most creative and enjoyable way to enjoy a hot beverage with kids these days!)

Now, the munchkins are ready. Next stop: Hidden Falls.

Look at the colorful monkeys.



You have to beg these kids to leave the river!


Time of wonder.


I LOVE it when days can be an extension of childhood.


See you at the trails!


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