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this mothers day

It’s officially Mothers Day, and I should really hit the sack now. My mind is still wild with thoughts… my heart with emotions, and I just have this urge to doodle it here.

First of, I want to say Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful moms out there. You have been given such a gift… such a calling. Thank you for all that you do.

As for my own mother, she gave me the best gift. My life. And the greatest sacrifice. Her own.

Ironic how after so many years I still long for something I’ve never known… something I’ve never felt… something I never experienced… someone I never touched. I guess it is safe to say now that there is still that hole that will never be filled, a wound that would never heal in time. And funny that it took these many years for this child to verbalize it… yet in this space. But I know you’d understand.

What would momma think of these beautiful kids? What would she tell everyone about them? What would she teach my daughters? Would she like my cooking?

Back to reality. You know, I am a rich momma. I am surrounded with love, with life, with laughter. With joy. With beauty… everyday. God, you are so awesome. Thank you for the privilege of motherhood. Thank you for this gift called children. Thank you for the help meet that reminds me everyday how blessed I am. I am full of gratitude. I am filled to the brim. Thank you.

added later:

All four of them stood by my bed as I opened my eyes this morning. “Happy Mothers’ Day, mommy!” I opened the homemade card that says,

” To the Greatest, Grandest, Awesomest, Most loving, Hardest Working, Funniest, Best Mommy ever!”

I guess they were also up late making this card. The funniest part was this:

You make the best fried rice. Not one fried rice is like yours.

I never knew that. Haha.

I also receiveĀ countless babysitting from my oldest, and an “unlimited supply of my love,” wrote the second one!

Ha! This is a swell Mothers’ Day.


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